On The Grid: Chicago’s Streets

For a year, I have had an idea about creating a multimedia project about the streets of Chicago. This idea was born after seeing a short video of an elderly Taiwanese woman who regularly sold fruit by calling out in a sing-song voice to customers who lived on a narrow alley, on a friend’s (an actual friend, ha) Facebook’s page. I wanted to know what was her story and why that street?

Chicago’s communities are defined by its streets. Go a block west, east, north or south and you could be in gang territory or a neighborhood that’s being re-gentrified. In the past, certain streets were places where you found furniture,a cheap suit or a good hot dog.

So, this is my love letter to and about Chicago. Using a few apps and my iPhone, I’m asking Chicagoans, from born and raised to recent transplants to tell me short stores about the memories they have of any of the 800+ streets of Chicago.

You can find their stories on my Facebook Page- On The Grid: Chicago’s Streets or at my Fotobabbles’ page– JTLacey. Email me at onchicagostreets@gmail.com if you have a suggestion, story or compliment!

Hope you enjoy and Thank You!!